Sunday, July 4, 2010

This week's craft

Instructions for this week's craft: Mosaic Mirror Frame
Items needed:
Plates or tiles of various colors that you would like to use
Hot glue and gun
Apoxy glue (provided)
Flat surface to mosaic on - picture frame or current mirror
Mirror (hobby lobby) to fit your frame
Grout (provided).. I will be providing white grout..if you'd like any other color please let me know or bring it!! :)
Hammer (provided)
Pillow Case (provided)
A Good Time (PROVIDED)

I have found basic instructions on this weeks craft on various DIY websites but it's going to be up to ya'll to decided to what it is that you want to actually mosaic and colors to use. I just figured out the basic technique. I am planning on having ben cut me a basic frame out of some MDF at work and i will just tile on that and place a mirror behind it. (that is the goal..however, it may change). Feel free to bring any picture frames or various surfaces you'd like to tile. I have seen globes, frames, table tops, anything really! The fun will be in smashing the glass. Hob Lob sells precut tile squares but I think it will be more interesting to smash up some beautiful plates and colored glass. So save the bottles and pick the trash to find any glass with beautiful colors and/or designs. The instructions i found said that you can use hotglue to adhere the glass however, I think that if the glass is transparent then you'll be able to see the glue globs , that is why i will be getting apoxy glue, which dries clear as well. Please bring glue guns and glue!!! I think this will be a great craft to go glam!!! and get creative with the glitz!!! Another idea i had was to mix glitter in with the grout!! The possibilities are endless!!!!

Friday Night @ 8 - Jessica's House....


  1. LADDDDIIIEESSS i am changing my idea of doing a mirror to doing something like this...only not christmas themed!! FYI!

    i am not sure how to post pics soooo that will have to suffice :)