Tuesday, July 6, 2010

These are a few of my fav-or-ite siteeeees

These are the blogs and websites I visit every week to look for material and inspiration for my interwebs articles. I figured I'd post these here for y'all for future craft night inspiration. Happy crafting, lovelies!

Casa Sugar
Make Magazine
Craft Magazine
This Old House
Bob Vila
Thread Banger
Martha Stewart
Design Sponge
Ready Made
Apartment Therapy 
Home and Garden Television
Better Homes and Gardens
House Beautiful
Country Living


  1. why would a feminist with a sexist titled website want to visit websites with mostly male commentators?

  2. Maybe someone should start a VAMES or PAMES blog...

  3. sexist title? dickless artists making everything swell? ever heard of irony?

    annnnnd feminists aren't allergic to men, contrary to popular, dumb ass, right wing beliefs. this was a list of DIY websites. i didn't worry AT ALL about the sex/gender of any of the commentators. however, aside from TOH and Bob Vila, i don't even understand where your assumption about male commenters comes from.

    anyway, how pathetic, trolling a never-updated craft night blog. keep it up, and i'll just ban anonymous commenting. free speech is great... but this is the DAMES blog, NOT a public arena, and i have no qualms about controlling its content to keep out jerks