Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This weeks craft :
Jessica's house @ 8pm Friday night!!

Okay ladies, so after much deliberation I have decided that I would like to make headbands at this weeks craft night!! I was out at San Marcos today @ the Icing and saw THE CUTEST feather headband and I yet again being cheap refused to pay 14 bucks for it! So although, I know we are all eager to start fall crafts I think that I'll leave that up to KT's craft next week! I really want to make some beautiful headbands to wear once school starts!

There are a TON of pictures on google of beautiful ones such as the one listed here!!

Supplies needed:
  • Headbands (walgreens has plan ones 2 packs of 3 for $6.00)
  • Feathers/buttons/anything else you'd like to put on there!!! Hob Lob has some really cute feathers. Plus if we all bring some i'm sure we'll have some to share , therefore allowing us each to make others without having a billion feathers left over!
  • Hot glue (as usual ladies please bring your guns)
  • Felt to match the color of your headband (guessing mostly black or white) for each headband you will need 1/2 a sheet of felt..so if you plan on making more than 2 headbands get numerous pieces of felt. The other option is felt on the bottom/paper (posterboard) on top...we'll have to play with it to see how it works..but I'm thinking 2 felt pieces will be the best.
  • beautiful smiles & attitudes!!
I have a back up idea too so if you really hate this as a craft (which i don't lol) then let me know b.c i also would like to make journals at some point!!