Thursday, July 22, 2010

July Calendar

July 1st @ 8:00 - Mosaic Mirrors (or whatever) @ Jessica's. I will be supplying the grout , tile adhesive, and some colored glass. You will need to bring whatever it is that you will be mosaic"ing" :) . Also please bring some form of glass/ tiles to contribute. Anything will work, hobby lobby sells pre cut glass chunks for I believe 4.00 or so for like 16 little squares but to add DAMES uniqueness to the project I think old plates/ tiles/ glasses to be shattered on my porch with a hammer is much more appropriate.

Week through the 18th: Not observed, so bummed about this :(

Week through the 25th: DIY Trays @ Tyler's. Materials and instructions have already been posted.

July 29 @ 8:00 - Crockpot Candles in Teacups (or whatever small glass or ceramic vessel). Need extra crockpots, so bring 'em if you have 'em. Don't worry, we won't actually melt the wax directly in the pot, but inside the candle containers in the pot. You'll see!

Let's get the August calendar going!! The order is now Adriana, Jess, Tyler and Katie for that month. Pick your crafts now!  My craft will be either 3 tiered serving trays or knitting simple, thick cable scarves in honor of the upcoming fall months.

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